Fight against Hunger and Malnutrition

We will fight hunger and malnutrition worldwide through a dedicated Stop Hunger organization.

Stop Hunger Commitment 

Why Does Sodexo Engage?


We have the ability and reach to help Stop Hunger to be a leading force to help the 795 million people worldwide who suffer from hunger.


How Does Sodexo Engage?


Sodexo’s commitment to fight hunger and malnutrition goes back to 1996. To expand our efforts and effectiveness, Sodexo created an independent non-profit organization (named Stop Hunger) in 2014 through which it will channel the hunger fighting activities of Sodexo, our employees and other stakeholders.

Sodexo continues to engage employees, suppliers, clients and consumers in the fight against hunger and malnutrition, including:

  • Servathon, Sodexo’s global annual employee volunteer food collection and serving event

  • Payroll giving

  • The sale of cause-related products

  • Skills-based volunteering

  • Donations of surplus food to food banks

  • Community gardens used to train skills and provide food

More commitments for our local communities:


Supply Chain Inclusion Program

When companies effectively integrate SMEs into their supply chains, the benefits for them, for SME owners, and for the communities in which the SMEs operate are significant.

Fairly traded certified products

Ensuring better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.


Stop Hunger

STOP Hunger Logo (240x120)

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