Benefits and Rewards Services

Benefits and Rewards Services (formerly Motivation Solutions) provide access to a wide range of services that improves the quality of life of beneficiaries: employees, citizens and students… Because they improve daily life, promote work-life balance and recognize effort, our solutions have a positive impact on employee motivation and contribute to improving the performance of companies and organizations.

Enhancing public benefits

Our expertise consists in ensuring and enhancing the distribution and allocation of government assistance.

We make the distribution of public benefits and subsidies simple, transparent and secure for governments and local authorities. For governments and local authorities, we custom-design transparent and effective solutions that facilitate the work of government, optimize budget resources and help public authorities achieve their social policy, cultural or educational objectives. In addition, in promoting the development of the local economy, they contribute to the creation of enduring employment.

Our Public Benefits solutions provide acces for millions of people across the world to basic services, culture or residential support services. The Culture Pass enables students to attend sport and cultural activities, the Education Pass helps families in providing educational support for young children and the Pass Cesu offers assistance to seniors or to individuals with disabilities in their homes.

Dial-a-lunch: innovating for Juaneb

Dial-a-lunch: innovating for Juaneb

Low income university students without access to their meal cards no longer risk losing out on their daily allocated lunch benefit thanks to a mobile phone-based payment system created by Sodexo.

Using a secure account, students can access their accounts with a mobile phone, an innovation that helps the client, the Educational assistance & scholarships national department JUNAEB, ensure a secure, reliable means of delivering the benefit to 200,000 income-eligible students.

Study abroad scholarships for students

In Spain, Sodexo’s innovative new system, featuring cards and on-line applications, helped the Community of Madrid effectively manage its 2012 study abroad scholarship program. Each scholarship recipient was provided with a personalized card with available credit of up to €1,600, to be used for language training abroad at any of the Community-approved language study centers.


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